Intel Launch ‘Radar Pace’ Smart Eyewear–Oakley

26-244If you’ve got good vision, swap out a pair of polycarbonate glasses for these Trivex NXT lenses, and you’ll convince yourself you’re seeing more detail as you squint to read signs far away. “Wow!” was a common response after first putting the NXT-based Zebra or Zebra light lenses on. oakley outlet store,They’re very sharp. The Radar Pace are rated to withstand drops from a few feet, as well as a splash or two of water, and their battery should last between 4-6 hours, according to Oakley. To recharge them, you can unplug either earbud (they connect via microUSB), and plug in a charging cord. oakley vault closed

It’s not uncommon for racers to spend thousands on a slightly lighter or stiffer set of wheels or frame for hard-to-measure performance improvements, yet we often overlook simple things like improving vision when looking for performance gains. Could you go faster or avoid a crash by seeing better lines due to better eyewear? cheap fake oakley sunglasses


Probably not if they’re covered with mud, but perhaps if it’s a clean day. It’s an area worth considering for an upgrade.Well last week Oakley unveiled a new video featuring Matt Kemp talking about his One Obsession for baseball and his other obsession for stylish sunglasses that both protect his dreamy eyes and help him to perform better on the field. fake oakley sunglasses wholesale, Prizm also provides enhanced contrast and helps to reduce eye fatigue. Operators rave about Prizm enabling faster target acquisition.

The shades have got anti-fog inner coating and there’s a rubberized unobtanium nosepiece to ensure a secure fit so that they don’t slide around on your nose while moving around.  The ear stems are also compatible with communications tech.